Take a look at this excavating toy! Kids will roar in laughter over this fun invention! This excavating toy looks like a Dinosaur! Dig in the sand with this dinosaur sand glove! This excavating toy makes playing outside so much fun.

Excavating toy that looks like a dinosaur- boy playing outside with dinosaur excavating toy
This excavating toy is great for making outside exciting!

Dinosaur Excavating Toy

The next time your kids want to dig in the sand, excavate to find dinosaur bones or even dig in the garden, have this Dinosaur Sand Glove handy! This is perfect for beach fun, gardening fun, and yard fun! Plus, it’s great for pretend play! Your little ones can pretend to be a dinosaur, roar!!!

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Guess what? You can also use it to play in the snow! Isn’t that so cool?

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Excavating toy that looks like a dinosaur against a white background
This excavating toy is perfect for kids ages 3+.

Dinosaur Excavating Toy Dimensions And Specifications

This dinosaur head easily attaches to your child’s hand and allows them to open and close the dinosaurs head to dig!

Dimensions of excavating toy that looks like a dinosaur head on a white background
This dinosaur excavating toy has plenty of room for you hand and it is light-weight.

This toy is 5.4 inches tall and has plenty of room for your hand! There is a strap inside to hang onto. It’s great for kids that are 3 years old and older. Plus, it’s not heavy, it’s 3.52 ounces, so it is not heavy at all!

You can help develop your child’s sense of activity and love for the outdoors with this dinosaur-shaped sand digger.

Excavating toy that looks like a dinosaur head under the sand with grass
Play in the sand, dirt, or snow with this excavating toy.

Reward Winning Toy

It is a proud recipient of a 2015 Family Fun Toy Fair Favorite Award and based on the reviews, parents seem to love it! Oh, and out of 5 stars it rates 4.8! That’s super impressive. 324 people seem to love this dinosaur excavating toy!

I have to say, it’s the perfect gift for any dinosaur fan! Whether you giving it to your kid, a birthday gift, Christmas gift, Hanukah gift, it’s perfect for any kids that love dinosaurs or love playing outside.

Excavating toy that looks like a dinosaur- boy playing with excavating toy and another dinosaur excavating under the sand
You can find this dinosaur toy at Amazon!

Where To Get Your Dinosaur Excavating Toy

You can grab the Dinosaur Sand Glove on Amazon for just under $20 here.


What do you think of this dinosaur excavating toy?

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