This is the cutest ride-on especially for kids who love construction!

Remember that pedal-powered forklift we told you about years ago? Well, looks like it got an upgrade!

You can now get your kids a ride-on forklift that actually picks stuff up and get this – runs on a 12V 7 AH battery meaning your kids don’t have to pedal!

In addition, parents can control the ride-on with a remote control.

It also has some added safety features such as locking doors (no kids falling out!) and shock absorbing wheels for a smooth ride!

The working forklift can lift up to 20 lbs. and the ride-on itself is made for kids 3-8 years of age and up to 66 lbs.

I don’t know about you, but I think this is pretty awesome and kids are going to love it!

You can get the Gymax Kids Ride-on Forklift from Walmart for $399.99 here.

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