I am so excited about this pyramid kite!  It is a tetrahedral kite that is surprisingly easy to make.  It is a craft that turns into an afternoon of fun sparked by imagination. We were inspired (and sponsored) by Michaels’ Passport to Imagination crafting series inspired by Gymboree.  I adore how they are encouraging moms to share moments and activities that bring families together on Instagram with the #CraftInStyleSweeps hashtag – more information on the sweepstakes below! How to Make a Pyramid Kite - Kids Activities Blog

Passport to Imagination

Michaels is offering a kids’ summer crafting program called Passport to Imagination.  It meets every Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 10 am to noon starting June 14 {it ends July 31st} at every Michaels location across the United States. Passport to Imagination will take your kid(s) on an imaginary 7 week road trip across the US.  Each week has a different theme and the Michaels classroom will teach different crafts each session. Passport to Imagination at Michaels - Kids Activities Blog   I was inspired by the second week of Passport to Imagination crafts which transport little crafters to the lake for a picnic (week of June 21 in Michaels Stores).  The lake is one of my family’s favorite summer places.  We thought it would be fun to create a craft that could actually be taken on our next lake outing – pyramid kite!

Crafting {& Playing} in Style

Gymboree has created a kid collection for each of the Passport to Imagination themes so your kids can “travel” in style.  They are cute, coordinated looks that help little ones enjoy the little and big moments this summer – from craft time to a lake playdate. Gymboree at the Lake - Kids Activities Blog I have adored Gymboree clothing from the birth of my oldest because the designs are awesome, the price is great,  AND they are tough enough to be handed down {and handed down again}.  In my house of three boys, there is a lot of handing down!  These outfits are from the Star-Spangled Summer Collection that are absolutely perfect for a day at the lake.

How to Make a Pyramid Kite

This craft for kids takes the following materials:
  • 24 straws (Michaels has a ton of colorful choices both in-store and online – check out the party & summer sections)
  • string
  • tape
  • tissue or wrapping paper (we used clear wrapping paper)
  • scissors
  • heavy paper for a template
  • permanent marker

Free Printable Steps to Make a Tetrahedral Kite

I am going to show you how we did it in steps below, but thought it might be simpler if you had something to print out {especially when you get the kids involved}! Make a Tetrahedral Kite Printable Click here to download the pyramid kite instructions:  Make a Tetrahedral Kite Printable

Steps to Make a Tetrahedral Kite

1.  Start with three straws and thread them onto the string – if the string has a tasseled end, we found wrapping the end with tape helped. Pyramid Kite - Steps 1 to 5 - Kids Activities Blog 2.  Tie the end together creating a one dimensional triangle and leaving about 3 inches of string hanging off the knot.  You will use this string again to tie the pyramids together. 3.  Add two more straws and tie it to the opposite side of the base of the triangle you just made leaving 3 inches of string creating a diamond shape with the base of the first triangle cutting it in half. 4.  Thread one straw with string leaving 3 inches at each end. 5.  Set straw on top perpendicular to the first triangle base and tie the ends to each diamond point creating a 3D pyramid. 6.  Make 3 more straw and string pyramids. Pyramid Kite - Steps 7 to 9 - Kids Activities Blog 7.  Using a heavy piece of paper (we used an old file folder), trace one triangle-side and then gently tip the triangle to another side and trace that as well.  Cut out the diamond shape to use as a template for your tissue or wrapping paper kite covering. 8.  Cut out your kite covering using the template and allowing for about 1/2 inch extra on the sides, but not on the corners – this doesn’t have to be exact!  There is a large margin for error.  We used clear wrapping paper. 9.  Cover two sides of each pyramid with the paper and tape securely in place. Pyramid Kite - Steps 10 to 12 - Kids Activities Blog 10.  Configure three pyramids in front of you with the two open sides facing down and toward you.  Tie the ends together to secure this triangular arrangement. 11.  Set the fourth pyramid with the open sides facing down and toward you on the top of the triangular arrangement and tie into place. 12.  On the side away from you (what seems to be the back of the kite at this point), take the top and middle left-over ends and tie them together.  This is where you will attache the kite string for flying. 13.  Trim or hide the loose string ends in the straws.

Let’s Fly A Kite!

Building a kite gave us the perfect excuse to go to the lake for a picnic. Pyramid Kite - Kids Activities Blog We headed across the bridge to find a flat path area that would allow a runway area to try and get our kite to fly.  The wind was a little gusty, so we were’t sure what would happen. Here is a video of our adventure:
  We were pleased with our little kite experiment, but that wasn’t all that was to explore on our outing. At the River - Kids Activities Blog Throwing rocks into the river is one of the boys favorite activities.  The rocks can be skipped or make a wonderful “ker-PLUNK”! Finding things to float like sticks and leaves to follow down the river’s path can be like target practice if you have a goal destination in mind. At the Park - Kids Activities Blog No matter how old you get, the park is always an attraction.  Even the “tiny” slide can be fun if it is part of an obstacle course race throughout the play structures.

#CraftInStyleSweeps Instagram Weekly Sweepstakes

Michaels & Gymboree have teamed up to do a 7-week weekly Instagram sweepstakes!  Share a photo of your family getting crafty inspired by each week’s summer destination.  The weekly winner will receive a $100 Gymboree gift card and a $100 Michaels gift card! Think of how stylish and amazing your NEXT project could be after winning that! To enter:
  • Follow @Gymboree & @MichaelsStores on Instagram
  • Post a picture of how your family crafts in style
  • Add the #CraftinStyleSweeps hashtag!
Pssst…I am on Instagram as @Texasholly where you will see more of how my family crafts in style and Kids Activities Blog is also on Instagram as @KidsActivitiesBlog. At the lake - Kids Activities Blog And this picture is for me. Brothers.  No matter the conflict or competition throughout the afternoon at the lake…you always have a buddy. A big thanks to Gymboree & Michaels for sponsoring and inspiring me to get crafty with my kids – even if they are boys who state they don’t like crafts.  All opinions expressed are my own.  I hope you will join me in finding ways to Craft in Style this summer!

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