Prior to becoming a mom, I taught history both in the public school system and for a single semester I was the TA for Humanities 101. I loved that semester – we explored history through art. Today, I got to relive a few of those moments with my daughter. We painted like the Impressionist Master Artists. How to paint like impressionist The results were stunning… and I loved the conversation that flowed as we painted. We talked about how you can mix colors to add dimension, how if you change your mind and don’t like the color you chose, you can fix it with a bit of patience. This is not a “fast” art project. It took several days to complete. Our secret, drywall compound. This would have been a plain painting but for the drywall! How to paint like impressionist Supplies Needed:
  • Sturdy Cardboard “canvas”. The thicker the better! Your child will be painting this so cut it to the size you want the finished art work to be.
  • Dry Wall Compound
  • Plastic knives
  • Paint
Using the knives, coat the cardboard with globs of drywall compound. Ask your kids to imagine what the finished product will look like. Try to texture it as they would want that portion of the image to look like (ex: swirling clouds, prickly bushes, etc). How to paint like impressionist The hardest part is waiting for the canvas to dry. You want the drywall to be completely solid before you begin painting.

Tip when you are painting:

Mix two like colors together – as you paint. Place globs of paint next to each other on your palette. Dip your brush into one color and then dip it into the next color (ex: Bright blue and purple, or yellow and white). As you paint the colors will begin to blend with multiple layers. Stunning!

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  1. this is soo super cool! thank you so much for sharing this clever art. wondering, is cardboard covered with a black cardstock sheet (or two) a strong enough background?! is this a premade drywall compound the kind that comes wet sorta in a tub? lol! does it really show that i havent done much like this before!? I am amazed! thanks again! love all your shares.