Eating for Kids: Easy Recipes your Kids will Love

Are you ever stuck trying to think of foods that your kids will enjoy?? I know with our on-the-run lifestyle I am looking for things that I can make quickly and that they kids will love – and that is good for them!

kid friendly food ideas

What Do Kids Eat?

Want Healthy Eating Kids?   Do your kids struggle eating Veggies?   Make them a salad they will love!   Healthy Mama has great suggestions about ways that you can make salads for your kids.

Waiting in the bus line in the morning?   Looking for a way to bring breakfast with you?   Adapt these Kid Snacks by putting fruit and cereal into a foil ball.

Homemade Waffles are super easy to make – my six year old’s favorite thing to cook by herself.   We top them with peanut butter, yogurt and fruit.

Eating well with Kids is easy when you make smoothies.   The smoothie pictured is great for breakfast using nuts, oatmeal and bananas.   You can also make smoothies with veggies – our favorite are Kale Smoothies.

Looking for an After School Snack for kids?   This Chocolate Chip Dip tastes great with pretzels – the recipe is low-sugar and high in fiber.   It is made primarily from beans.

Help your kids eatwell by helping them make wise food choices.   This plate format is great for telling kids what portions they need to eat.

Make Macaroni and Cheese a healthy option for kids and make it yourself from scratch – avoid the preservatives from the box varieties.


What Kids Like to Eat?

Do your kids have a favorite dish?   I would love to hear about it in the comments, or leave a link to your favorite recipe or kids activity in our weekly Kids Activity Meme, It’s PLaytime.
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  1. We love cooking everything! My girls are all teens and have grown up in the kitchen. We really enjoy all the holidays and making special foods for us and to share with others.

  2. I’ve only just noticed that you included my kids mac and cheese!! thank you so much!!!!

    Natasha xx

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