Can you believe it has been 60 years since the original Fisher-Price Chatter Telephone was released?!

If you need to relive some of your childhood, get ready to freak out because Fisher-Price Just Released A Real Chatter Telephone That You Can Actually Talk On!!

To celebrate Chatter Telephone’s 60th anniversary, Fisher-Price is inviting adults to enjoy a taste of their childhood with the first-ever, fully-functional Chatter Telephone. 

The original Fisher-Price Chatter Telephone has become one of Fisher-Price’s iconic toys, nostalgic for adults who remember the toy from the golden age of the telephone (anyone else miss the art of an old-school phone call?!).

The special-edition Chatter Telephone is a real working rotary phone smart enough not to come with any apps.

This updated version of the nostalgic childhood toy brings playful calls into the real world for all adults – working seamlessly with consumer’s cell phones via Bluetooth connection. 

You can get the Fisher-Price Real Chatter Telephone exclusively at, the fully functional Fisher-Price Chatter Telephone will be sold at a retail price of $60.00 while supplies last. 

Want to relive another childhood memory? Check out the Fisher-Price Original Record Player too!

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