The Original Fisher-Price Record Player Is Back So Kids Can Get A Taste What Life Was Like In The ’70s

Kids these days will never understand what life was like before the age of technology.

I remember the first time my oldest saw a record player in real life. He actually asked me if it was a frisbee maker. I about died laughing.

While the height of record players was quite a bit before my time, (’90s baby here) I do know what it is which is why I am loving this Fisher-Price Released A Retro Music Box Record Player. Your kids can totally get a taste for what life was like in the ’70s.

The Fisher-Price Change-A-Record Music Box, commonly known as the Fisher-Price Record Player, is a favorite among those who played with it as a child.

Originally introduced in 1971, this endearing classic comes with 5 ‘playable’ records for a total of 10 songs. The records store conveniently inside the record player. Includes a carrying handle for tunes on the go!

This makes a great gift for babies and toddlers ages 18 months and up for hands-on, screen-free play!!

Plus, you can’t lie how excited you are to see this back, I bet it brings back all sorts of good memories!!

You can grab the Fisher-Price Retro Music Box Record Player on Amazon here for around $36.


  1. I used to have birthday parties for my dolls when I was little. Juice pouches, doughnut holes, and tunes crankin’ outta my Fisher-Price record player…it was a heck of a party! I used to make my dad dance with my ‘life-size’ doll to the “Camptown Races” record. That record player is part of an indelible childhood memory! I might just need to get a new one since it’s back. I do feel a party coming on…! 😉

  2. Kristen Yard says:

    Heather, that sounds like the BEST time! I have similar memories, dancing around with my cousins during family get-togethers, with one of our Fisher-Price record players playing in the background! I miss those days! I love that kids today have the chance to make their own magical memories! I think we should both get one, haha!

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