Costco is Selling a Chocolate Layered Easter Egg Cake and I Need It

While shopping yesterday, it hit me that Easter is just around the corner.

Thankfully, I had bought a ham last month and frozen it, so I’ll just need to pick up a few items for sides. But I still haven’t figured out a dessert yet, and we always try different ones for holidays.

Source @CostcoSisters on Instagram

But, as usual, Costco to the rescue, with this amazing looking Chocolate Dream Easter Egg Layer Cake! I definitely could be OK having one of these on my Easter table.

According to the description, each Easter egg cake pound cake features layers of dark chocolate cake filled with white chocolate mousse and milk chocolate mousse. It’s coated in dark chocolate and decorated with white and pastel chocolate stripes and curls.

Just looking at it makes me happy with all the pastel colors and decorations, and you simply can’t go wrong with multiple kinds of chocolate in a cake. Did you see the layers in the label? Perfection!

If you haven’t tried Junior’s Cheesecakes before, definitely take advantage of the opportunity to do it now. The famous restaurant and deli is based in Brooklyn, New York, and is known for its amazing desserts.

The Junior’s Chocolate Dream Easter Egg Layer Cake is currently in the refrigerated section of Costco, priced between $14.49 and $15.99, depending on location. I think I’ll be picking on up shortly!

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