Today was the first day that it truly was starting to feel like spring. With a temperature in the 60s, we opened the windows to let in the gorgeous breeze.

Next up? We’re getting ready for patio season! And this Faux Concrete Gas Fire Pit from Costco could be the centerpiece of your patio dreams.

Image courtesy of Costco

As much as we love our fire pit, it is a little bit of a pain to use a wood burning one.

Having to wait until the fire completely, and safely, goes out to go in for the evening is never the fun.

But a gas fire pit? Just turn on the gas, light the pit, and enjoy the ambience. Then, when you’re done?

The fire is out as soon as the gas is turned off. That is my kind of ease of use!

Image courtesy of Costco

The Faux Concrete Gas Fire Pit looks like a large concrete bowl, filled with Lava Glass and natural lava rock. But with a weight of only 115 lbs, it’s actually able to be moved around your patio.

Once it’s set up, just connect the included hose to the gas source, turn on the ignition and kick back to enjoy your fire.

Image courtesy of Costco

The The Faux Concrete Gas Fire Pit is currently available at Costco for $449, with some stores having lower prices available.

Would it be the best idea for those long summer nights outside?

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