As we approach the end of the year, it’s time to gear up for the new one. We’ve got a treat for you – free printable calendars in two fantastic versions: a black and white design and a color option. These blank calendar templates are undated, which means you can use them year after year. Yay! 

Black and white calendar printable, lying on top of a blue-green sheet with multicolored letters on a light brown background.  printed pdf version from Kids activities blog.
Get your own calendar printable!

Printable 12 month calendars for kids

Use these month calendars to write important dates, mark that special event coming up or simply organize every day of the week. Click the pink button below to get your yearly pdf calendar in color and the black button for the calendar coloring pages option created in black and white:

These yearly calendars are easy to get in PDF format. Just hit the download button, and you’re good to go for planning your year ahead. They’re perfectly sized for standard paper size in landscape orientation. Whether it’s for personal use, family schedules, or an office wall, our yearly calendar printables are ready to be downloaded, printed, and used. 

We’ve made sure to include month names and days of the week for easy date navigation. You can smoothly plan out your weeks, months, or even the whole year. Below you’ll find a sample of what to expect with our printables:

Full Color Calendar Printable

Screenshot of a full color calendar printable for the month of January for kids, students and adults. printed pdf version from Kids activities blog.
We’ve made a black and white and a full-color calendar!

Our first calendar printable is a full-color printable, ready to be printed and used. Each month has decorations related to the month. No more worries about missing federal holidays or scrambling for the current month; our calendars have you covered. From marking your travel plans to the holiday season and special events, they’re ready for it all. Click the pink button to download now:

Black and White Calendar Printable

Screenshot of a Black and white calendar printable for the month of December for kids, students and adults. printed pdf version from Kids activities blog.
Or simply print the black and white version to save on ink.

Our second calendar printable is a black and white version, good for saving ink and coloring as you prefer. You can even give it to your children and let them have fun coloring them! If you’re on the lookout for fabulous free printable weekly calendar templates or monthly blank calendars, look no further! Just download the PDF file and print the pages that suit your needs. Click the black button for the kids coloring calendar printable:

So, get ready to craft your perfect calendar for the new year! Scroll down to grab both the black and white and color versions of our free printable yearly calendars. Let’s make the upcoming year your best one yet, filled with organization and plans that suit your style!

Individual Month Calendars You Can Print

MORE free calendars and planners FROM KIDS ACTIVITIES BLOG

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