Today we have a cute 2023 calendar for kids that also doubles as a coloring activity! This printable calendar for kids is a fun way to keep your kids excited about upcoming dates while helping them stay organized. This printable 2023 calendar is great for kids of all ages whether they need help staying organized at school or in the classroom.

Calendar 2023 Coloring Pages printed pdf file- Calendar 2023- Kids Activities Blog- Printed months against wood background with markers
This free printable 2023 calendar is a great way to get organized and ready for the new year!

Printable Calendar 2023

Looking for free printable calendars for the new year? Well look no further! This calendar is paper size and each month is printed on a single page. It’s a year calendar, but it also doubles as a coloring sheet. Color all of the calendar designs and then write down all your important dates, everything you need to remember for your school calendar, or even use this 2023 as holiday calendars.

Download and print this printable calendar for kids for free. It includes 12 printable pages – one for each month of the year – and they are all black and white, so they can make it as colorful as they want to. We just thought it’d be more special and fun for your kid this way (plus, it’ll save you ink.)

Two Versions Of This Free Printable 2023 Calendar

We made two versions of this 2023 Calendar for kids:

  • One calendar that includes the most important dates in the United States
  • Another version our 2023 calendar includes the most important dates in the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland
Calendar 2023 Coloring Pages printed pdf file- February month with Valentine's Day against a gray background with paper crayons and pencils- Kids Activities Blog
Free Calendar for kids 2022 ready to be printed and colored!

Download Your Free Printable 2023 Calendar PDF File here:

Printable 2023 Calendar – United States

Printable 2023 Calendar – United Kingdom & Northern Ireland

Choose the one that works best for you!

How To Use Your Printable Calendar 2023

You would use this calendar as you would any other. Each single page is a different month. So you would do things like write in your own evens for the whole year or for each month of the year.

You can use this cute calendar whether you’re in grade school, middle school, or as college calendars.

You can use this free printable monthly calendar to keep up with:

  • American Holidays
  • International Holidays
  • The Months of the Year
  • Birthdays
  • Work Schedule
  • Fun Activities (After school activities or get togethers)
  • Appointments
  • Keep Up With School Functions
  • Keep Up With Homework

This 2023 calendar will be your favorite calendar because you can use it strictly for your own personal use and decorate it anyway you want. Plus, these calendar printables will help keep your kids organized.

Calendar 2023 Coloring Page PDF File against gray background with paper, pencils, crayons- Kids Activities Blog
Download and print this Calendar 2023 to help your kid stay organized!

Keeping Your Blank Calendar Template In Good Condition

If possible, we recommend laminating each page so it will last longer. Otherwise, you can paste them on a piece of cardboard too, just wait until the glue dries completely before decorating the calendar.

Free Printable Calendar For Kids 2023

This free printable 2023 calendar is so easy to make and doesn’t require a lot of supplies: some crayons, markers, coloring pencils, glitters, and whatever else you may have at home to decorate it.

You can color the entire month, color code it, or leave it plain. There are so many things you can do with this simple calendar thanks to the month by month layout.

More 2023 calendar fun from Kids Activities Blog

Other Ways To Get Organized In 2023 From Kids Activities Blog

Love our single month free calendar template to start getting organized for 2023? Then you’ll love these other great ideas and printable templates to help you get organized this new year! These ideas are a great way to start off on the right foot in 2023.

How are you going to use your printable calendar for 2023? Do you have big goals and plans this year?

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  1. Do you have the 2024 Monthly dated calendars for kids to color? Or are you planning to make them again for the upcoming year? My children enjoy coloring them and we use them for school.

  2. I would love to have access to the 2024 Monthly dated calendars. I am a School Counselor and I use these with my kids to track their attendance. Thanks!

  3. Thank you so much for sharing this! It is an adorable calendar! I will be using it to tell kindergartners when their special person day will be. You saved me so much time (now that I don’t have to create one). Thank you!