People Are Obsessed With Costco’s New $10 Rosé And I’m On My Way

As if you needed another reason to head to Costco today…

Well my friends, Costco has a new $10 bottle of Rosé And I’m On My Way!


According to people who have bought and tried this, it is legit and delicious. And people are a bit obsessed with it.

The line of wines is called “K Vine and is part of a collaboration between Costco’s Kirkland Signature brand and winemakers K Vintners, which is owned by former rock band manager Charles Smith, according to a recent article in Costco Connection, the wholesaler’s magazine.

While the wine is supposed to roll out to Costco Warehouses this month (the ones that sell alcohol anyways), many people are already finding them at their local Costco!

At $10 a bottle, you might just want to stock up on this. I mean, can you imagine just sipping on some while you enjoy the birds chirping this Spring?

I am ready for the warm weather and a perfect cup of Rosé, who’s with me?

Check your local Costco to see if you can find this!

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