Costco Is Selling Grapes That Taste Like Candy and I’m On My Way

Everyone has heard of cotton candy grapes by now. They’re sweet green grapes with a flavor reminiscent of cotton candy. But have you heard of candy snap grapes?

These new grapes are of the purple variety and are so sweet, people swear they taste just like candy!

Purple grapes on a vine

Available at Costco in a 3-pound container for $7.99, you can now find an even sweeter grape for dessert.

You can even satisfy your sugar cravings while knowing you are actually eating fruit. And fruit is definitely healthy, right?

Reviews of these new grapes sound wonderful. Everyone has been raving about the taste and the sweetness, especially for those who prefer purple grapes.

And, unlike most purple grapes, these ones are seedless, which is always a bonus.

How awesome to the Candy Snap Grapes sound on a cheese plate? Or popped in the freezer to chill then served as an icy dessert?

With the extra sweet flavor, you can’t go wrong and you’ll at least know you’re eating something good for you, even if the flavor convinces you it’s candy.

When it comes to grapes, are you team green or team purple?

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