Sometimes it seems like you really can buy anything at Costco. A new jacket? A wine Advent calendar? Power wheels for your kid? It’s all there!

And the newest thing you can actually buy at Costco? An actual private jet membership for all your travel desires.

It may be a little pricey, but imagine being able to fly without other people on the plane! No worrying about noise or sickness or tiny cramped seats, just you, your family, and the pilots.

For just $17,499, you’ll receive your private jet membership, a $3,500 Costco Shop Card, a $4,000 flight credit, a one-year membership to Inspirato for luxury vacation rentals, and access to exclusive events.

It does, however, only include the membership in the flight service, from a company called Wheels Up that manages a fleet of 300 private jets. You can book all the private flights that fit your needs, but you’ll still need to pay for the actual flights. You can opt to pay as you fly or there’s another “Fund Program” for other rates.

There’s even a more affordable option, at just under $2000, for just the flight membership, without all the extra add-ons.

If you’re really struggling for a Christmas gift idea, this could be the most unique find on your list.

Private jet

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