Baby Yoda Was Spotted With The SpaceX Crew After Launch and OMG It’s The Cutest Thing

Let me ask you something, if you were to go to space, what would you take with you? For the SpaceX Crew it is Baby Yoda!

In case you didn’t hear, The SpaceX Falcon 9 launch was successful yesterday and the crew is officially heading to space.


But everyone is freaking out over the fact that they took a Baby Yoda doll with them and it is the zero-gravity indicator. How cute, right?!

The crew is expecting to remain on the International Space Station for up to six months.

During that time, they’ll perform routine maintenance on the station and conduct a variety of experiments.

And during it all, Baby Yoda is going to be there along for the ride! So fun!

Baby Yoda Build-A-Bear in brown robe holding a soup bowl that says "The Force is Strong With This Little One" with a blue frog sticking out of it.

Can’t get enough Baby Yoda?

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