You Can Get Baby Yoda Fruit Roll-Ups with Tongue Tattoos and You Know Your Kids Need Them

The best thing to come out of Disney+ The Mandalorian?  It has to be Baby Yoda!

We know, officially, he is actually called “The Child” but Baby Yoda has a much nicer ring to it and his cute little face is everywhere right now.  Next up?   Star Wars-themed Fruit Roll-Ups with The Mandalorian tongue tattoos and a Baby Yoda cereal!

Courtesy of @candyhunting on Instagram

This fall, you’ll be able to enjoy a yummy Fruit Roll-Up that leaves you with your very own Baby Yoda tongue tattoo after you eat it.  There’s also Mandalorian themed tongue tattoos and possibly even more Baby Yodas, but we are definitely here for the Fruit Roll-ups that show Baby Yoda eating a frog!

Courtesy of General Mills

And, later this summer, you’ll also be able to start your day with a Baby Yoda themed breakfast with a new Mandalorian cereal.  This cereal will be made of sweetened corn puff pieces, along with green Baby Yoda shaped marshmallows.  

General Mills officially announced the arrival of this cereal on Star Wars Day, with an expected summer release date for those who can’t wait to try it out.  It’s hard to refuse marshmallows, especially when they are Baby Yoda shaped.


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May the 4th Be With You! Coming to a cereal aisle near you later this summer. #maythe4thbewithyou #starwarsday

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We love checking out all the new cereals that companies release, and when you add in Baby Yoda, both of these products are too hard to resist.  We’ll be trying them both out as soon as we find them in stores.

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