Sure, you can build a gingerbread mansion for Christmas and a Halloween haunted cookie castle, but what about for the rest of the year? You can now build a Cookie Barbie Dreamhouse and it is the coolest cookie house yet!

Courtesy of World Market

This is no ordinary gingerbread house. It’s everything you could imagine in a Barbie Dreamhouse, but in cookie form! The Barbie Dreamhouse you coveted as a kid? You can build it, decorate it just like in your memories, and then eat it too.

Each kit comes with the all pieces you need to build your house. The front and back of the house feature peaked pieces to allow for a fancier slanted roof. Smaller pieces add stairs and flower boxes, so there’s even more to decorate.

Courtesy of World Market

For decorations, there’s pink, white, and teal icing, pastel-colored mini bead candies, tropical jelly tots, and other candies that look like blooming flowers you can plant in those flower boxes!

Also included are cutouts of Barbie, a friend, and a puppy dog for playtime.

Courtesy of World Market

The Cookie Barbie Dreamhouse is available at World Market for just $14.99. Don’t have a World Market near you? It’s also available online!

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