This Stairslide Turns Your Stairs Into A Slide and My Kids Need One

My kids have an obsession with the stairs. They slide their cars down the railing. They find all sorts of fun ways to walk up and down. (Can you tell we’ve been home for awhile?) And I know they’re going to get a kick out of this Stairslide, which is currently still in its Kickstarter funding phase.

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But this indoor slide idea is so awesome, they reached their original funding goal — of $13,001 — in a mere two hours! At the time of this writing, they’ve raised a crazy $120,000+.

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So what makes this Stairslide, which isn’t even technically in production yet, such a hit? The innovative — and safe — design that works for all sorts of stairs. The safety is huge selling point. (In other words, this is no dangerous laundry basket or cardboard chute going down your stairs).

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Creator Jacob Webb designed a patent-pending design that doesn’t require an anchor or installation. That means it’s only “semi-permanent.” To keep it “safe,” the Stairslide has a high-density rubber strip. Pair that along with other design features and it prevents the slide from moving while your kids enjoy their thrill ride down the stairs.

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Since most staircases are 36 inches wide, the Stairslide is 20 inches wide, so you can still get up and down the stairs. Each Stairslide is also designed to fit over three stairs.

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So nest it over the bottom three stairs, or get a few and put them together for up to nine steps! I know my thrill-seeking youngest would love to fly down nine stairs… I may insist on a helmet, if that’s the case.

The Stairslide Kickstarter officially closes on October 31, 2020, and after that they’ll move onto production. While the Kickstarter is still open, you can pre-order and back the project here. Pre-orders are expected to ship in the spring.

Source: Kickstarter


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