Costco Is Selling Pyrex Disney Sets and I Want Them All

Here at Kids Activities Blog we adore all things Disney and have a lot of leftovers to store {giggle} so these Disney Pyrex sets from Costco is a big find and would make a good gift.

I buy Tupperware every year around the holiday season but it looks like the holidays are coming early because Costco Is Selling Pyrex Disney Sets and I Want Them All!

Oh, and this article has been updated since Costco has sold out of many of these sets and I found them on Amazon!

Costco Disney Pyrex Dish Sets

These Pyrex Disney sets come with 8 pieces (4 bowls and 4 lids) and are priced at $17.99. I know you are tempted to run straight to Costco right now, but there is more…

Oh, and if you don’t have a Costco close or your store is sold out, keep reading! I found some of these on Amazon as well.

Disney Pyrex Storage Containers Available

Costco currently has 3 different Pyrex dish set designs to choose from:

  • Mickey Mouse
  • Star Wars
  • And my personal favorite, The Mandalorian aka Baby Yoda design.

They were originally only sold in-stores and sold like hot cakes! Check for them next time you are at your local Costco store.

I can’t think of a cuter way to store leftovers, can you?

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Disney Pyrex Dishes at Amazon

{Squeal} In searching for these awesome dishes this year, I found that Amazon has many of them and a few other Disney storage items you may want:

Want more awesome Costco Finds? Check out:

Which is your favorite Disney Pyrex Set?

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