If your kids are like mine, then they come up with every excuse in the book to not wear their masks. From itchy to ugly, they just don’t want to wear them! SO many were itchy. A cotton face mask helped, but it didn’t solve our other issues. This accessory is on your face all day when you’re out and about. It has to be cute!

As parents, we want to help our kids feel comfortable, especially in times like these. For kids, it’s all about having fun. In this strange new world we live in, everyone is looking at other people’s masks. Why not give kids something to have fun with and to show off to their friends?

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I’ve seen kids with masks from the Cat and Jack kids section at Target, food face masks, a paw patrol mask, and even hooded face shields. These were such cool ideas, that I just had to find one that my kids would love.

Luckily, my kids have been obsessed with everything galaxy, so I knew exactly where to start.

I searched far and wide for a cotton face mask that was cool and fun. I needed something that I thought my kids would love. Something they would want to wear.

My search led me to Etsy, the hub for unique and adorable items.

This super cool galaxy mask with cat ears popped up and I just had to buy it!

Let me just say I had never thought of putting cat ears on a face mask, but it is the cutest idea I’ve seen yet!

Not only do the cat ears serve as a perfect addition to this mask and make it more fun for kids, but it’s also made of cotton!

With quilting cotton and cotton flannel, the face mask is soft and comfy!

What’s even better is that those cute ears are adjustable, and can even be removed if your kiddos get tired of them.

I also needed something washable, and not just for health reasons. We all know kids stain everything in their reach!

And, of course, I needed something comfortable, to ease all their itchy complaints.

LOVES the mask, hates the camera! LOL!

So far, I can tell you now that they’re enjoying every minute wearing their new cotton face mask! It’s fun, cute, and the perfect way to get your kids to stop complaining about having to wear a face mask.

I even want one myself! I’m so lucky this cotton face mask comes in custom sizes!

The wonderful Founder/Mastermind Jenn Adams has over 20 years of sewing experience. Be sure to check out their shop, StitchMagician, to see their full line of custom face masks and more!

Drop us a comment below with your cutest cotton face masks! I’m sure I’ll end up buying more – just to keep my kiddos excited about wearing theirs.

While you’re on Etsy, be sure to check out QuirkyMommaQuirkyKid!

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