These Hooded Face Shields For Kids Keep Them From Touching Their Face

While my kids don’t mind wearing their masks (thankfully!), my youngest tends to touch his mask a lot. A face shield can help with this, while also adding a layer of protection.

But how do you get your kids on board with a face shield? Make it as adorable as possible!

These adorable hood/face shield combos are available on Etsy. Source: Etsy/Gizda

Etsy shop owner Gizda makes face shields with cotton hoods. Those hoods have little ears, so that it’s like a costume and face shield all in one! The hoods are zipped on to the face shield, which means they offer 360-degree protection, especially when paired with a mask or bandanna as a face covering.

Source: Etsy/Gizda

Since the hood is zipped on, you can easily remove the hood, if you want. This also makes it easier to wash and clean both the hood and the shield — so it’s all reusable! The hood can be hand or machine washed in hot water (maximum 104-degree Fahrenheit). As for the shield, simply wash with warm soapy water and a soft cloth — easy peasy!

Source: Etsy/Gizda

But what about comfort? The hood is super cute and all, but I don’t know about you but my kids insist on being comfortable with whatever they wear — whether it be their shirt or a face shield.

Gizda designed the face shield and hood with comfort in mind; for one, there are two adjustable belts so that the shield and hood fit just right.

Source: Etsy/Gizda

This particular hood/face shield combo from Gizda is available for kids age 3-7 for a price of $49.37 each.

Current color options (for the hood) include gray, white, or beige.

You can get your hooded face shield mask here.

Source: Etsy/Gizda

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