Nobody wakes up one day and immediately knows how to homeschool. It takes time, patience, dedication, and trial and error — a lot of that!

Homeschooling can be super fun with the right elementary school activities that make learning more engaging than in a regular classroom. Plus, homeschooling is easier for everyone since you can find TONS and TONS of homeschool hacks online!

Stuck-at-Home Journal: Homeschooling
Becoming a successful homeschooling parent is easier when you have the right resources to keep you going.

It’s possible to homeschool preschoolers too. Here is a homeschool kindergarten schedule that gives you a pretty solid idea of how preschool homeschool programs look like.

Whether you are already looking at homeschool options or you’re still on the fence, we’ve made a list of the best how to homeschool tips for parents who are new to this marvelous world. Once you feel ready, check out this homeschool daily schedule chart which includes the best tips from moms who are stuck at home too!

What homeschooling parents need to know

  1. Know your state homeschooling laws. This is the very first thing every new homeschooling parent has to do! Research your state’s homeschool laws and regulations thoroughly. These regulations are usually simple tasks that you have to complete before starting.
  2. Homeschool kids can be very sociable. If you think school is the only way kids learn to socialize, you’re wrong! There are homeschooling groups that offer: parties, clubs, sports, and other situations where kids are able to interact with other kids.
  3. Choose your homeschooling style. Your child is unique! A homeschooling style that may work for one kid, may not work for yours. Taking some time to develop your own routine, finding out how your little one learns best, and what motivates them are all crucial steps on your journey.
  4. You can set your own speed. One of the coolest things about homeschooling is the ability to pace your lessons according to your child’s needs. You can take extra time to explain difficult subjects and speed up if they feel ready to move on. Education is 100% customized to match your kid’s needs!
  5. Homeschooling is not the opposite of a school. Sounds crazy, but it’s actually the truth! Good homeschooling programs include schedules, classes and periods, lunch, playtime, and the kids are free to sign up for the courses they actually want to take. Just like in a normal school!
  6. It’s possible to have a full-time job and still homeschool your kids. One of the best parts of homeschooling is the flexibility it offers. Working a full-time job while homeschooling your little ones requires a lot of organization, but it’s completely possible since homeschooling doesn’t need to happen in a block set of hours. You can set your homeschool schedule around your own and even homeschool them on the weekends!
k12 homeschool
Finding a homeschool program may seem overwhelming at first, especially for new homeschool parents, but it’s worth the effort.
  1. There are SO many benefits. Besides giving your children the freedom to learn at their own pace, there are many other benefits to homeschooling, like taking as many sick and travel days as needed without the fear of failing a class. Homeschooling works around your life situation, not the other way around!
  2. Support groups make all the difference. Finding support is important for new homeschooling parents! It can be tough doing this on your own. Search for local homeschool groups on, browse Facebook groups, and connect with other homeschool parents that you know. The more, the better!
  3. Find a homeschool curriculum that suits you best. It can be challenging to find which curriculum is best for your family. But it doesn’t have to be that way! Finding a great curriculum is easy once you understand your child’s learning style and your own homeschooling style. A good place to start is Easy Peasy All-in-One Homeschool curriculum, but there are many others out there.
  4. Give online homeschool a try. The internet is a great tool for parents, especially for those homeschooling their children. You can now find many homeschool curriculums that are based on the internet as well as learning apps and online tools to make homeschooling more interactive.
how to homeschool
Thanks to the internet, you can now find endless resources that make homeschooling easier than ever before.

There are many reasons for homeschooling your child, and as you can see, homeschooling isn’t as complicated as most people believe. Now that you have got a good schedule, read this short homeschooling guide for parents, and now have resources for successful homeschooling, you’re all ready to start your own homeschool journey.

Check out these homeschool resources:

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