Story time is one of my kid’s favorite times. Reading to our kids is also one of the best ways to encourage literacy. With libraries and schools, the app Vooks is providing a way to get more books read aloud to kids. The company offers animated storybooks, bringing picture books to life without any ads to get in the way of reading
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Right now, Vooks is offering a whole year of free access to educators and homeschooling parents all over the world to use in their virtual classrooms. (Parents who aren’t homeschooling can get a free month). The streaming library uses the video streaming provider, Vimeo, to play the animated storybooks with audio. 

Make Reading Part of Your Daily Routine

As parents and educators, we all know the value of story time and reading. But with everyone stuck at home, keeping the kids entertained (and educated) can be tough as we juggle our mental health and other daily demands. Vooks is a great resource to keep reading and story time a part our daily routine. Perhaps even incorporate the streaming library into your kid’s quiet time options!

How does Vooks work? 

Vooks partnered with a wide variety of publishers to bring their children’s books to life through animation and audio. For the youngest of kiddos, choose from an array of popup books like Easter Puppy Parade, an interactive tale with surprises with every virtual turn of the page, and The Easter Unicorn. If you’re looking to address socio-emotional skills in these uncertain times, check out the Slumberkins series.  For the older kiddos who want to learn some history, select the book “Courageous People Who Changed the World,” which is packed with heroic true stories of people who shaped our world. These are just a handful of examples of the books available through the Vooks streaming library.  Lessons plans are also now available to go along with the books as well, perfect for educators, homeschoolers, or parents who find themselves stuck at home and teaching their kiddos now. Whether you’re looking for a classic picture book, an award-winning book, or a newer book title, chances are there’s something for your kiddos to listen to, watch, and cherish. Don’t be surprised if they start reading, or singing, along, too!  Educators and homeschoolers, get your free year of Vooks here.

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