We decided: homeschool is the best decision for our kids this year. So now we’re getting ready.

In addition to picking and putting together a curriculum, we’re sprucing up a corner of our house for lessons. But what about lessons in the backyard? Or elsewhere in the house? Enter: the Surf Lap Desk from ECR4Kids.

The Surf Lap Desk is perfect for writing, learning, and working. Source: Amazon

What Makes the Surf Lap Desk Perfect

The number one reason this lap desk is perfect for homeschooling (or school environments where kids need a dedicated space of their own)? It’s completely portable, and even includes an attached rounded seat. The Surf Lap Desk only weighs 3.5 pounds so it’s super easy to move too.

Source: Amazon

With measurements of 14.2″ wide by 24″ long and 11.2″ tall, it’s also just the right amount of space to take notes, complete worksheets, or work a computer. Bonus: the angled tabletop makes all the above easy, and comfortable, to do.

Source: Amazon

The Surf Lap Desk is great for kids age six and up, but, yup, even adults can use this portable desk too. The chair back is also angled, so it encourages good posture. In other words: the manufacturer accounts for just about anything a student will need in terms of a work space — they even have a patent pending on the design!

Source: Amazon

As for cleaning the mobile desk/seat, it’s easy peasy. Simply wipe down the surface with warm water and soap. Last but certainly not least, the Lap Desk is durable, so it can withstand both textbooks and your kids.

The Surf Lap Desk starts at $28.49 and is currently available in 12 different colors from Amazon. Need 10? Then opt for the bulk buy, and you’ll save a bit.

Source: Amazon

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