It may only be July, but I think it’s time to accept Halloween is going to look a lot different this year. But even if there isn’t trick or treating, I plan on making Halloween as spooktacular as I can with my kids… and Target, as usual, is helping out.

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Even though it’s only July, Target has already unveiled its annual Halloween collection in its Hyde & Eek! Boutique.

Simply put, it’s AMAZING. And some of the most coveted items are already sold out. So if you want something? Preorder it now; shipments are expected to start sometime mid- to late-August.

Source: Target

What You’ll Find in Target’s Halloween Hyde & Eek! Boutique

Target’s Hyde & Eek! Boutique is packed with all sorts of super spooky and fun decorations, but old favorites — like the unicorn skeleton, a decorative Halloween book, haunted castle decor, and dragon eyeball props — are already selling out.

So what’s currently available? At the time of this writing, a handful of fun decorations. Spook your neighbors (and your kids) with a kitten skeleton for $6. Or have some fun lighting up the Halloween season with an LED Skull Plasma Ball for $15.

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Really want to startle anyone who approaches the porch? And ensure social distancing is still taking effect? Then the animated talking skeleton (for $35) might be more up your alley.

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Whether you’re looking for indoor or outdoor Halloween decorations, Target still has plenty to choose from. Seriously. There are easily 50 website pages worth of product in their online Hyde & Eek Boutique.

Ready to start prepping for the Halloween season? Visit the Target Halloween boutique here.

Source: Target

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