Hate soggy cereal? Me too! Nothing is worse than soggy cereal. Cereal is best when it’s all crunchy! And if you hate soggy cereal, than this fun cereal bowl is for you! This fun cereal bowl was actually created specifically to keep your cereal from getting soggy! I won’t lie, I need this! It’s a breakfast game changer!

Cereal bowl for no more soggy cereal- white bowl with 2 slots and a spoon with cheerios and milk on white background
No more soggy cereal!- Courtesy of Amazon

No More Soggy Cereal With This Fun Cereal Bowl

What? There is a design for a cereal bowl separate milk…technology is finally working for us! No more soggy cereal bowl mornings. What is this wonderful invention that solves soggy cereal for kids and adults around the world?

Sometimes, it’s just one of those days. You pour a bowl of cereal, put the cereal away, then put the milk away. As you’re doing that, the phone rings. You answer it, and by the time you sit back down, your cereal is soggy.

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Cereal Bowl that Separates Cereal from Milk

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This might be the best mom solution (or picky kid solution) to soggy cereal! Because let’s be honest, sad cereal is the sad version of If You Give a Mouse a Cookie, since no one enjoys soggy cereal.

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Yep, the anti-soggy cereal bowl is a thing. It may seem weird, but it’s a texture thing for many people, myself included. Just the squishy mushiness of soggy cereal gives me the mouth sweats. And what’s worse, the mush is sweet, and I just can’t. That’s why this cereal bowl is so great for people who have a hard time with softer textures.

Just Crunch Anti-Soggy Cereal Bowl Keeps Cereal Fresh

Cereal bowl with a partitioned system for milk and cereal to stop soggy cereal from happening on black background
Enjoy long lasting crunch! -Courtesy of Amazon

The Just Crunch Anti-Soggy Cereal Bowl lets you keep your milk and cereal separate for each and every bite. I think this anti soggy cereal bowl would be particularly great for cereals that tend to soften quickly like Mini Wheats. Love Mini Wheat cereal, but they get soggy way too fast!

More About This Anti Soggy Cereal Bowl

Cereal bowl with cereal and milk partitions to stop soggy cereal on tan counter top
This bowl is designed for soups, cereal, snacks, and more! -Courtesy of Amazon

These cereal bowls feature a divide near the center of the bowl, leaving deep compartments for both cereal and milk.

The bowls are BPA-free plastic, microwave safe, lightweight, and unbreakable. They’re great for kids and grown ups too.

Cereal bowl with partition that keeps all food separated and not just soggy cereal- tortilla chips and salsa white bowl black background
This bowl doesn’t just stop soggy cereal, but separates food too!-Courtesy of Amazon

Besides cereal and milk, these bowls work perfectly for soup and crackers, chips and salsa, veggies and dips, yogurt and fruit, fries and ketchup, or any other food you wish to keep separate until you eat it.

They can accommodate hot foods as well, so you can even enjoy yummy ideas like tomato soup with grilled cheese sandwiches to dip.

Where To Get Your Anti Soggy Cereal Bowl

The Just Crunch Anti-Soggy Cereal Bowl is available on Amazon for $8.99 for one bowl, $14.99 for two, and $21.99 for three.

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When I looked into this anti-soggy cereal craze, I found that there were several options available. In fact, I have one of these in my own cupboard! Here are some more options if you are looking for crispy cereal in the morning:

  • Never Soggy Cereal Bowl comes in a set of 2 divided unbreakable melamine. These are stylistic with bowl feet. I think this would work better for adults than kids.
  • The multi use 2 part food bowls are great for kids that don’t want their milk to touch the cereal. They also work great for dips and chips because one compartment is smaller than the other.
  • The Obol Original Never Soggy Cereal Bowl with the spiral slide design and grip is the anti-sog cereal bowl I have in my cabinet. It works great…in fact, I didn’t think I needed this until I had one! The spiral design allows you to release the cereal when you want to into the milk!

Yes, I just said that I didn’t even know I NEEDED an anti-soggy cereal bowl until I had one!

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Do you have an anti-soggy cereal bowl at home? Do you use it every morning?

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