Yabba Dabba Do! Pebbles Cereal Just Launched Free Activities and Videos For Kids

Yabba Dabba Do! That isn’t just the original Flinstone’s song. It’s also the name of the new Pebbles Cereal video series that was designed to encourage your kiddo’s imagination and creativity. 

Pebbles cereal
Source: Pebbles Cereal

30 Days of Videos From Pebbles Cereal 

Pebbles Cereal partnered with artists and creators to create 30 videos. These daily videos are fun, creative, and super unique.

So far, kids can learn a magic trick called the “Disappearing Toothpick” from magician Eli Sanchez. Eli demonstrates the trick and then walks kids through how to do it themselves at home so they can put on their very own magic show. (Hint: you’ll need a toothpick… and tape). Pretty cool, huh? 

Well, that’s not all. Kids can also learn sign language phrases from Rachel Scanlon, a comedian who also majored in sign language.

28 more videos are in the works, and parents and kids alike can check them all out at Pebblescereal.com. They’ll be shared daily. 

More Silly Activities and Crafts

After your kid’s work through the daily Yabba Dabbo Do video — which run about 3 minutes each — they can have even more fun with more Pebbles activities. This section of the website is appropriately named “More Things to to Doo”!  And not all of them are directly related to cereal, but they are quirky, unique, and sometimes a bit sweet.

Pebbles pirate
Source: Pebbles Cereal

In “learn things,” kids can learn how to do card tricks as well as discover the names of star constellations.

The games section features everything from 3 jump rope games, to how to play a game of cereal bag toss. Love sidewalk chalk? Learn how to “make a scene” as well as draw unique games like “Escaragot.” Yes, you read that right. Escargot. 

Pebbles cereal wands
Source: Pebbles Cereal

Do your kids love to make things? The “make stuff” section includes everything from art projects to recipes, featuring, you guessed it, Pebbles cereal. I know I can’t wait to make and try the Fruity Pebbles Cereal Wands – yum! And my kids will have a blast making craft stick harmonicas too. 

Need some new jokes? The joke section has cute jokes your silly kiddos will adore. For one, you’ll find the answer to: “How many bowls of cereal does it take to reach the moon?” All the jokes are accompanied by adorable Pebble cartoons. 

Last but not least, the “to do” section is full of… things to do. Unlike my usual to-do lists, these are fun and silly. One encourages your kids to organize book shelves by color. Another tells your kids to dance like crazy to a TV theme song. In other words, if your kids come to you, saying they’re bored, pick something off the Pebbles “to-do” list. 

Their tagline of “don’t get bored, get creative” is pretty accurate. Yabba Dabba Do! 


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