We are a little obsessed with all the fun kinds of cereal that keep coming on the market.  Funfetti cereal?  Peeps cereal?  Jolly Rancher cereal?  We are there! And now, IHOP is joining in on the cereal fun with a brand new “Panflakes” cereal that we are adding to our grocery lists RIGHT NOW! The cereal is made with itty-bitty pancakes covered in syrup! Yum!
Courtesy of IHOP on Twitter
The teaser came straight from IHOP’s Twitter feed and the box already looks like we are going to need to be sampling it right away.  The new cereal looks like a bowl full of teeny tiny mini pancakes, but crispy in texture, with a syrup flavor added in.  IHOP isn’t giving away too many details yet, but they promise more information will be available soon.  And with that picture, how can you not want to try them at least once? Until then, actual IHOP restaurants are also serving special cereal pancakes, but with their awesome traditional pancakes with various cereals as an added topping.  Right now, those options include Fruity Lucky Charms Pancakes, Cinnamon Toast Crunch Pancakes, and Crunchberry Pancakes, perfect for every kid or kid at heart. We’ll be watching for more information on the Panflakes cereal, just as soon as IHOP shares it, and you know it will be in our carts once it reaches the stores. Speaking of cereal, have you seen this anti soggy cereal bowl?

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