If it’s almost the end of July, it’s almost time for fall, right? Summer is about halfway over and we’re dying for cooler weather, sweaters, and pumpkin everything.

Fall also makes us think of apples, which means that these Apple Pie Rolls from Costco are next on our must-try list. Apple pie is already the quintessential fall treat, and apple pie rolls may be taking the dessert to a new level.

Costco is now carrying Summ! Apple Pie Rolls with caramel dipping sauce, and they sound like they are going to be an awesome treat, for fall or for right now.

Reviews describe these little treats as similar to spring rolls, with a crispy outer wrapper and a gooey apple filling with a hint of cinnamon on the inside.

Each package comes with 16 apple pie rolls and 2 packages of caramel dipping sauce, for just $8.99 (depending on location).

Each roll makes for a great finger food dessert, assuming you can keep your fingers off the entire box.

They’re easy to prepare too. Just preheat your oven to 375 degrees and in 14 to 16 minutes, you have hot apple pie rolls! Right out of the oven sounds like it will be wonderful with vanilla ice cream too.

The Yumm! Apple Pie Rolls appear to be a seasonal treat at Costco, so we suggest heading to your store soon to get your box or ten!


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