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Costco has changed over the past few months since Covid 19 hit the United States. It has been a completely different feel. We have missed out on samples, or even just sitting in the food court enjoying a churro or a slice of pizza.
Endless Samples at Costco are coming back, Photo Credit: Costco Instagram

Being able to sample new products before purchasing is one of the things my family loves about Costco. Food samples are everywhere and I love that they help tide the kids over until we get to checkout.
Kids love Costco Free Samples, Photo Credit Costco on Instagram

Starting Mid-June, sampling at Costco will start again. It will look different as you will not be able to pick up samples with your hands. All food courts will also be up and running soon, allowing 50% occupancy for dine in customers.

There will be happy tears over the samples coming back to Costco. Photo Courtesy of Costco on Facebook

In addition, the menus are and will continue to be limited until the virus has completely disappeared but at least they are reopening, right?

I cannot wait to get myself a Costco Hot Dog. YUM!

Indianapolis – Circa August 2019: Costco Wholesale Location. Costco Wholesale is a Multi-Billion Dollar Global Retailer II

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