When we decorate and renovate our homes, we often overlook something that we see and use every day: the stairs. Stair riser decorations — which peel and stick — are a great way to easily spruce up your stairs and give them some character.

Stair riser decals are an easy way to decorate your staircase. Source: Amazon

How to Decorate with Stair Riser Decorations

When we renovated our house, we tore out some old carpeting on the stairs. The result wasn’t pretty, and now I know exactly how I’m going to fix it: by applying stair riser decorations, which are like wallpaper but for the stairs!

This is an easy DIY project that anyone can do.

Source: Amazon

Now the only question is which design will you pick? Below are some of our favorite options… and keep in mind you’re going to want to get enough to cover all stair risers!

3D Tree Hole Branches by AJ Wallpaper starting at $99.99: You’ll feel like you’re walking through the forest with these stair riser decorations.

3D Lake Stone Nature Stair Riser Decorations by AJ Wallpaper starting at $99.99: Turn your stairs into a faux-waterfall!

Source: Amazon

3D Rainbow Art Oil by FLFK starting at $37.99 is perfect for those who love bright colors. They also have a “gradient” color option, which isn’t quite as bold.

3D Morning Sunrise Seascape by FLFK starting at $38.99. Enjoy a sunrise any time of day with these gorgeous stair decals.

Source: Amazon

3D Stone Stair Sticker by Amazing Wall for $18.99: Create an illusion of stone steps with removable self adhesives.

Source: Amazon

3D Stair Stickers by Akaka Muning for $29.99 will turn indoor stairs into a beautiful outdoor staircase.

Brick Vinyl Stair Riser Decals from Cosaving start at $18.99 and come in a variety of brick designs that create a textured appearance.

Source: Amazon

6 pcs Stair Stickers by Tuoking starts at $18.99 and the self-adhesive decals look like mosaic tiles.

Disney Quote Stair Riser Decals by Ewdsqs start at $18.99, and these are perfect for Disney fans, as they feature quotes from classic Disney movies. “To infinity and beyond!”

Source: Amazon


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