Amazon Is Selling $25 Sandals and People Say They Are ‘Like Walking on Air’

The hunt for the perfect walking sandal is over!

With warm weather finally here and so many neighborhood walks in the near future, a walking sandal that offers comfort and support is a must. Enter: the Cushionaire Luna Cork Footbed Sandals.

Cushionaire sandals
Customers are raving about how comfortable these Cushionaire Luna Cork Footbed walking sandals are. / Source: Amazon

What Makes These Walking Sandals So Perfect

For starters, these walking sandals are easy to slip on, which is ideal for when I’m chasing my kids out the door. But that’s not the only reason to love this outdoor footwear.

Source: Amazon

As the five-star reviews on Amazon mention, these summer sandals offers cushion in the heel cup. They also have fully-cushioned suede insoles making them easy to walk or stand in for long periods of time. And the sandal as a whole offers plenty of arch support in just the right spots.

Source: Amazon

The buckled straps are made with soft vegan materials for extra comfort; bonus, they can also be easily adjusted to fit just right. This is super important in any good walking shoe!

Source: Amazon

Even the outsole makes a difference. It was designed to offer some traction while walking, so you can easily wear these sandals to walk over a variety of terrain.

If that’s not enough to convince you, these walking sandals also resemble Birkenstocks, but the price point is significantly more affordable. As one reviewer shared, “As someone who owns multiple pairs of Birks, these sandals are absolutely up to expectations of real birks!… Let me tell you these are even more comfy than my soft footbed Arizona Birks! Omg they feel amazing.”

“Just buy them,” said another. “These are MORE comfortable than the Birkenstocks I bought last fall. Granted I just got them but they are like walking on air. Feel SO good on my feet, look totally sexy and cute, great fit.”

The Cushionaire Luna Cork Footbed Sandals come in 12 different colors and are priced at just $24.99 a pair. You can get them on Amazon here.

Source: Amazon


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