Did you know that family traditions act as the glue that keeps families together during the most difficult seasons of life? Studies on families that survive and thrive show that strong families are the families that practice spend quality time together and have family traditions. Creating family traditions during a pandemic is so important! Family traditions During a Pandemic

Family Traditions During a Pandemic

This post contains affiliate links.  Do you have family traditions? Do they teach your kids a lesson? How do you teach your children about traditions? Here is a helpful checklist to help in the process:
  1. Take out a sheet of paper and write the words “Family Traditions” at the top. Ask your family what does family and traditions mean to them?
  2. Throughout the day, keep it out, and jot down traditions you had, or wish you had, as a child.
  3. Read Princess Zara’s Birthday Tradition. This book is the perfect story for every girl and boy to learn about a princess’ family tradition! And there are eye opening discussion questions at the end.
  4. What family traditions do your children love?
  5. Choose as a family what is one new tradition you would like to begin.
More than likely, you have started spending more time together as a result of what’s happening in the world. More walks, bike rides, exercise, and TV time. My family has loved dancing to Zumba and shaking things up. Bike rides is our two new favorite words. We are laughing more, and spending time screen free. Eek, I know. Screen free? That is one tradition we want to keep after the “safe at home” time passes. Spending quality face-to-face time. Listening to our kids dreams, thoughts, and questions. And giving back!

Family Traditions During a Pandemic

Quarantine Reading Fun: Princess Zara’s Birthday Tradition 

When Princess Zara wakes up, she thinks it’s going to be another great birthday. Then her parents share an old family tradition with her: spreading the love. Soon, Zara is learning there’s much more to birthdays than cake and presents. This tale, which teaches the true value of giving back, is perfect for bedtime, circle time, or any time! Get your copy of Princess Zara’s Birthday Tradition here! 

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Fun Things to Do While You’re Stuck at Home 

What family traditions are you creating while on lockdown? Comment below!

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