The days might be longer now that Summer is approaching, but with warmer nights, it’s oh so tempting to stay outside and keep the fun going. A game of basketball in the dark is fun… except when you can’t see where the hoop is and miss too many shots. This glow-in-the-dark basketball net solves that age-old problem and makes a night-time basketball game oh so much better.

Glowing net
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Glow in the DArk Basketball Net

This glowing net from Chezaa is just what you need for a family game of hoops after the sun has set. Made with premium nylon, the net is durable and long lasting, so it’s designed to last all summer long and beyond.

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Glowing net
Source: Amazon

It isn’t the typical standard size net length at 32 cm, but it still fits perfectly with a standard-size rim and backboard. Any standard size basketball — including this glowing one — will work with it too. With a 45 centimeter opening, it attaches onto the rim just like any other netting. But rather than plain ol’ boring white netting, this netting glows a bright green!

glowing net dimensions
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So you might be wondering: how does the net work exactly? Do I need batteries? Well you’re in luck, because that’s one of the best features of this glow-in-the-dark net: absolutely no batteries are required.

Solar powered net
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How in the world does it glow then? It’s solar powered! Yup, the net gets it’s glow from the sun. In other words, the longer the net is out in the sun, the longer it’ll glow into the night. So, your kids can learn a bit of science before playing some basketball too.

So hang this net up on your basketball hoop, leave it outside to charge up during the day, and you’ll have a glow-in-the-dark basketball net for an awesome night game. It doesn’t get any easier than that.

Solar powered glowing net
Source: Amazon

Your kids will have so much fun playing basketball in the dark, especially when you pair this glowing net with a glow-in-the dark basketball.

The Chezaa glowing basketball net is available from Amazon for $7.29 plus $4.99 shipping. We vote it’s well worth it for how many basketball games your kids and family will play with it!

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