Now that the weather is warming up, it’s getting easier to practice social distancing and enjoying fresh air at the same time. The long spring evenings are the perfect time for family outside games and the GlowCity Light Up Basketball is our next family purchase to enjoy all summer long.
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This standard sized basketball features internal LED lights for nighttime play, and activates when the ball is bounced.  The ball stays glowing while in active play and goes to “sleep” after just under a minute of being motionless. 
Courtesy of Amazon
The lighting on each ball is contained in their own small compartments, two per ball, and is battery powered.  The batteries on each ball lasts for about 30 hours of active play and the GlowCity basketball comes with a second set of batteries and the tool to change them out, adding even more playability to your glow-in-the-dark basketball.
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If basketball isn’t your child’s game, not to worry!  GlowCity has light up footballs, soccer balls, and volleyballs, along with accessories like basketball nets, basketball rim lights, soccer cones, disc golf baskets, and more.  For the youngest kids, there are even light up beanbags and ring toss games, so you can set up all sorts of nighttime summer fun.
Courtesy of Amazon
The GlowCity Light Up Basketball is available on Amazon for $24.95, along with many of their other outdoor options.  With the days getting warmer, we’re excited to try out some new outdoor game ideas.

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