Check out these super cool birthday cake ideas! Whatever themed party you’re having, I’m pretty sure we have cool birthday cake ideas to help pull it all together. Or if you’re at a loss for what theme you want your birthday party, then maybe you can decorate around one of these cool birthday cake ideas! There are so many different cool birthday cake designs to choose from!

cool birthday cakes designs and ideas for kids- frozen cake, lego cake, cookie monster, train, french fries, dragon, shark
Have a fun birthday bash!

Cool Birthday Cake Ideas Your little one will love

Every birthday we want to outdo the last by creating the coolest birthday cake ever! If you are planning a birthday party, you might want to check out some of these amazing party cakes!

There is so much planning to be done when getting ready for a child’s birthday party! Luckily, we’ve got the sweet stuff taken care of for you! In fact, you can choose your favorite cake and build the party around it! 

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cool cake designs for girls- frozen crown, olaf, elsa, and ana
Let’s make some fun and frilly birthday cakes!

Birthday Cake Ideas For Girls

Little girls love parties! Here’s a list of awesome ideas you can do for their big day!

1. Frozen-Themed Cake Castle

Going with a Frozen theme this year? Create a Frozen-inspired castle cake using this fun tutorial from Grated Nut Meg.

2. Elsa and Anna Dolls Cake Topper

We love the idea of putting gifts in the cake! Elsa and Anna dolls in this cake make it fun well after the sweet stuff is gone. Such a sweet idea by Rosanna Pansino.

3. Cool Snowman Cake

Do you want to build a cute Olaf snowman cake? This one from Cakes Decor is nothing short of adorable from nose to toes! via

4. Pretty Princess Cake

This princess cake from Yummy Mummy Kitchen has such an intricate skirt. With these instructions, anyone can follow along to make it their own!

cool cake designs - birthday cakes girls with unicorns and pirate fairies
Birthdays cakes that are whimsical!

Magical Birthday Cakes

Turn your kiddo’s special day into a magical one with these ideas!

5. Colorful Unicorn Cake

Bring some magic to your party with this adorable and bright unicorn cake from The Quick Unpick. The rainbow colors will have our little girls smiling for sure!

6. Fairy Pirate Cake

For a nautical theme, try making this gorgeous fairy pirate cake!

cool cake designs- ballerina mouse, doc mcstuffins, butterfly, guitar, and castle cake
Look at that colorful ideas! There are so many cute birthday cake ideas!

7. Dainty Ballerina Cake

That sweet little mouse makes this dainty ballerina cake from Dani Tutorials one of the cutest we’ve seen. The perfect choice for your little ballet lover.

8. Layered Purse Cake Idea

For the little ones who already have a passion for shopping, this layered purse cake from Instagram is one they are sure to love.

9. Beautiful Butterfly Cake Idea

Use a mold to make a butterfly cake for the party. There are so many options when it comes to decorating this cake from Betty Crocker.

10. Cool Guitar Cake Idea

Be it a luau party or a cake for the little music lover in your life, this guitar cake by Hope’s Sweet Cakes is so much fun!

11. Princess Castle Cake Idea

This detailed princess castle cake by Jessica Harris Cake Design had us swooning from the moment we saw it! Every princess needs her castle!  

cool cake designs- Disney princess birthday cakes
Hello, Princess! If you love disney princesses then you’re gonna love these princess inspired birthday cake designs!

12. Mini Princess Cakes

If you just can’t choose one character, try making these mini princess cakes so you can have all your favorite princess attend the birthday party!

cool cake designs- LEGO CAKES with lego man, blocks, and sets, with names
Cool blocks! Lego lovers rejoice with these lego themed birthday cake designs!

LEGO Birthday Cake

Lego is definitely the boys’ favorite. Here’s the list of cake ideas for them!

13. Lego Man Cake Design

We love the huge LEGO man on this cake. He stands at the top to be the first to wish your little builder a happy birthday!

14. Awesome DIY Lego Cake

You can  make your own LEGO cake using this amazing recipe! Use your child’s favorite colors or just go with the traditional LEGO hues.

15. Cool Lego and Ninja Cake Idea

Because LEGOs and ninjas go together so seamlessly, this is easily the coolest cake ever.

16. Lego Cake “Work in Progress”

We are in love with this LEGO cake that is still being built, this one is an adorable “work in progress”!

cool cake designs- baby birthday cakes with cookie monster, piglet, teddy bear, and pooh
Cakes for the sweeties! These baby birthday cakes are adorable!

First Birthday Cake

For your special little one, cakes are extra special.

Every one’s favorite monster tops this cake in the cutest way possible! Hopefully he will share a cookie or two.

18. Cute Piggy Cake Idea

This little piggy cake is one your guests will talk about for weeks to come! So adorable.

19. Teddy-on-the-Cake Idea

For the little ones, put a favorite teddy on the cake to be used with love for years after the party!

20. Fondant-Made Cake Designs

Make a birthday cake with homemade fondant to create your own adorable shapes and characters to top it!

21. Giraffe-Topped Cake Idea

If topping a cake with a teddy isn’t your thing, try using a giraffe feeder to decorate the top of the cake. Baby can even chew the icing off for some middle-of-the-party teething!

cool cake designs- BABY CAKES piglet, farmer, mickey mouse club house, and mickey mouse
Disney characters but in birthday cake form!

22. Winne the Pooh Cake Design

Even Winnie the pooh can attend your child’s party with this adorable birthday cake idea!

23. Little People-Themed Cake Idea

Is your baby a fan of Little People? Get this adorable farm themed cake for them featuring some of their favorite toys!

24. Cute Clubhouse Cake Idea

Bring your child’s favorite show to life with this adorable clubhouse cake!

25. Cool Smash Cake Idea

Make your own smash cake using this tutorial. Do the Mickey Mouse theme they did or create your own!

cool cake designs- horse, dragon, shark. and lion with a mane
Cool animal-themed birthday cakes!

Animal-Themed Birthday Cakes

Have a little animal lover? Check out these cool animal-themed cakes!

26. Cool Horse Cake

Having an equestrian themed party? Make this beautiful horse cake for your son or daughter who loves to ride!

27. Mythical Dragon Cake Idea

Whether it’s for training purposes or just a love for all things mythical, this dragon birthday cake will bring a new level of beauty to your party!

28. Scary Shark Cake

Careful swimming this Summer! This shark is ready to attack, he seems to burst right from the table! Make your own scary cake with these fun diy instructions.

29. Fun Lion Cake Idea

For a zoo or circus themed party or even the Wizard of Oz, this fun lion cake is as yummy as it is adorable.

30. Awesome Dinosaur Cake

I have never understood the obsession that every child seems to have with dinos, but this dinosaur cake will definitely have them grinning!

31. Adorable Monkey Cake Idea

Such an adorable monkey cake recipe for all the little wild ones in your life!

cool cake designs- birthday cakes for boys with soccer ball, storm trooper, plane, train, super man, and dump truck cake
It’s the boys’ turn! These birthday cake designs are heroic!

Birthday Cakes For Boys

Let the boys have fun with their birthday cakes!

32. Fun Soccer-Themed Cake Idea

Do your kids love playing soccer? Incorporate their favorite game into this fun sports cake!

33. Star Wars-Themed Cake Design

Star wars is still so popular after all these years, and this cake is the perfect choice for the star wars fan in your life!

34. Cool Airplane Cake

Takeoffs, landings and birthday parties this airplane cake is way too much fun!

35. Train Birthday Cake

For the kiddo who loves to be a conductor on the big track! We’re loving this train birthday cake, complete with train cars!

36. Fun Superhero Birthday Cake

A party fit for a hero! This superhero cake can incorporate all your son’s favorite characters!

37. Dump Truck Birthday Cake

This dump truck cake doubles as a snack holder! Scoop pretzels out for munching before digging in to the birthday cake itself.

38. Firetruck Birthday Cake

Make your own own firetruck cake for your little helpers! The detail on the truck is amazing and you can do it all from home.

cool cake designs- birthday cakes that are amazing with carousel, french fries, pizza, and pirate ship cake
Yes, they are cakes. What fun and interesting birthday cake designs.

Best Birthday Cakes

This list now looks like they’re not real cakes, but they are, actually.

This whimsical cake looks just like a carousel! Add your child’s favorite animals to make it your own!

40. French Fries Birthday Cake Design

French fry cake is both adorable and brilliant! You’ll never guess what they did to make it! So easy!!!

41. Cool Pirate Ship Birthday cake

Going on a deep sea adventure for your party? Your kids will love this homemade cake turned pirate ship!

42. Awesome Pizza Cake Design

This sweet pizza cake is one of the most unique cake designs we’ve ever seen! Each topping is more creative and fun than the last!

cool cake designs- minecraft birthday cakes with mine craft sword, blocks, enemies, and npcs cake
Minecraft fans are going to love these fun birthday cake designs!

Cool Minecraft Cakes

43. Minecraft-Inspired Cake

This minecraft inspired cake is so easy to make and your gaming kids are sure to love the nod to their favorite game at their party!

44. Cool Gaming Cake Idea

If you want a more intense version of a gaming cake, try this two tiered minecraft version of the cake!

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What type of birthday will your kids be having this year? Which of these birthday cakes will you try first?

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