Zoo cams are some of the most fun things to watch on the internet.  From baby giraffes to penguins, sea otters to pandas, there’s a zoo or wildlife sanctuary camera you can watch for all your favorite animals.

Courtesy of the Raptor Resource Project

This week, the Raptor Resource Project has a cool livestream that your kids will love to watch.  Their cameras are aimed at a bald eagle nest and the eggs are just about ready to hatch!

Courtesy of the Raptor Resource Project

This pair of bald eagles have build their nests in Decorah, Idaho, and this year have laid three eggs that will hopefully hatch soon.  

All three eggs were laid in the course of a week, so baby eagles, or eaglets, should be arriving soon.  The Raptor Resource is calling it “Hatch Watch!”

Courtesy of the Raptor Resource Project

While you’re waiting for the eggs to hatch, the Raptor Resource also has plenty of information so your kids can learn more about birds of prey.  They have already had a set of baby eagles hatch this year and have videos to watch these little eaglets grow up.

Courtesy of the Raptor Resource Project

There are blogs where your children can listen to how eagles vocalize, learn how eagles develop in their eggs, different egg shapes and colors, and even all about their poop.  Besides the bald eagles, the Raptor Resource has cameras on other birds too, including a variety of falcons, kestrels, and other birds of prey.

The newest baby eagles should be hatching any time now, so it’s worth checking in with the live stream in the hopes of seeing them arrive.

Courtesy of the Raptor Resource Project


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