What kiddo wouldn’t love making this fun Rock Tic Tac Toe game? It’s a simple version make with rocks they find on a camping adventure or around the yard and with just a little paint!

DIY Rock Tic Tac Toe My youngest guy loves to create and make things out of stuff around the house. I remember one time he even collected pretty rocks from our yard and tried to sell them to our neighbors. He’s always thinking and creating, I know that boy is going to go far in life! We were trying to think of some fun games for our camping adventures this summer and he thought Rock Tic Tac Toe would be easy to put together and a game that everyone loves! Together we tried to make a cute version that was easy to pick up and store when you’re done! DIY Rock Tic Tac Toe

What you Need to make Rock Tic Tac Toe

10 Rocks of similar size 1 Small Burlap Bag 1 Brown Marker White Paint Paint Brush Ruler How to Make the Game Start by using a ruler to draw the two lines horizontal and two lines vertical on the burlap bag. Next, use the white paint to paint five rocks with X’s and five rocks with O’s. Start playing and have some fun! DIY Rock Tic Tac Toe We made several of these so that all the kids out camping could play and have some fun. We have a game bin in our camper and just store them there for easy access! This is a fun little game to take in the car too! Just remember not to let younger kids play that may put the rocks in their mouth and choke. DIY Rock Tic Tac Toe Another fun way to play Tic Tac Toe is by using Lego’s, check out how fun and easy these Lego Games can be to make and play! Does your family camp during the summer? What do your kids like to do to entertain themselves?

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  1. It looks very simple and great for kids! Thanks for sharing I would not think about it by myself!

  2. love it! What’s the best kind of paint (for rocks) that also washes off hands? (but doesn’t flake off in the bag)

    1. Acrylic paint is what I would recommend. You can also use a clear sealer to make sure the paint won’t come off.