The coronavirus has reminded us how important it is to wash our hands frequently and properly–but the more often you wash them, you’re going to find yourself needing TLC for dry hands! TLC for Dry, Overwashed Hands

TLC for Dry Hands

This post contains affiliate/ distributor links. Washing your hands is extremely important, but so is taking care of your hands, during and after all that washing! The last thing that you want is for your hands to get so dry that they crack! Who’s with me when it comes to having hands that are so dry you’re ready to cry? When you have the time, take a moment or two for self-care! This can range from an at-home manicure, to just remembering to apply lotion after washing those sore hands. TLC for Dry Hands

DIY Solutions for Dry Hands

  • The skin on your hands isn’t the only thing that dries out. Give your cuticles some love with this DIY citrus cuticle cream.
  • Homemade lotion bars are a fun way to add a spa-feel to your at-home manicure, while moisturizing your hands.
  • Handmade lotion balls are a fun activity to share with your kids if they are home from school! Just the act of making these lotion balls will add some moisture back into your hands. 
TLC for Dry Hands

The Best Products for Dry Hands

In an effort to avoid germs, when possible, only purchase tubes of product (as opposed to tubs that you would have to dip your fingers into).  Also, make sure you are applying lotion onto freshly washed hands. 
  • Aquaphor is my gold-standard when it comes to fighting dry, over-washed hands. I love their “touch-free” tube! It has a foam applicator that allows you to apply it without getting the palms of your hands greasy. Make sure to only use this after washing your hands very well for 20-30 seconds, in order to avoid getting it germy. 
  • Pamper yourself with a moisturizing hand mask!
  • Sleep with a pair of moisturizing gel gloves to add moisture to your dry hands at night. 
TLC for Dry Hands Living through a pandemic is scary and leaves us feeling anxious, so be kind to yourself! Something as simple as making sure that your hands aren’t dry and painful due to frequent washing matters! After all, those hands are pretty full with the responsibility of making sure your family stays healthy and safe, and comforting little ones–keeping them fed, and entertained!

TLC for Dry Hands

Keeping Your Family Busy During Quarantine

What is your best tip for treating dry hands? 

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