We do crafts every day in our house. Not only do the kids love to use their imagination to create something new, but it also gives me a chance to get something done around the house. These art kits make craft time super easy, as they include everything your child needs to get a project done. 

Paint & Coloring Sets

Created by Me sets from Melissa and Doug: Before the kids start to paint, they first have to assemble the toy, such as a monster truck and train. Rock Painting Art Kit: This craft kit not only includes the paint for rocks, but it also includes 10 rocks as well as other fun crafting supplies — including googly eyes and stickers — to make your kiddo’s rock creations extra special. 
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Sticker Art Kits

Mosaic Art Kit: Kiddos can create mosaic art without glue, because this set from Alex comes with 984 colorful photo stickers Emoji Window Art: Delight your neighbor’s with emoji window art; this set comes with window stickers as well as paints.  Stained Glass Made Easy: Another way to decorate your windows is with this stained glass sticker set
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Glitter Art Kits Without the Mess

Glitter Dots Key Chains: Using glitter dots (far less mess than loose glitter) and beads, kids can create their own personal keychains. The set comes with three keychainsMess Free Glitter Sets: Melissa & Doug offers a variety of mess-free glitter packages. Kids can create things like crowns and bracelets, dinosaurs, and more using glitter sheets that only adhere to stickers!
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Foster their Imagination with these Art Kits

Mess-free coloring books: Color Wonder markers (like these) only show up on Wonder paper, which means no messy marker! The art kit comes with both the magic paper and magic markers. Bonus: your kids will marvel at the magic! Blank comic book: With 150 pages of comic book templates, this 8.5 x 11 blank comic book will inspire your kid’s writing and art.  Scratch Art Kits: Using a stylus, kids can scratch off a black matte coating to expose the hidden rainbow glitter underneath. With 150 pages in this Purple Ladybug set, there’s oodles of creative possibilities.  Stamp a Scene: Whether your kiddo wants to create a fairy scene or a forest setting, chances are there’s a stamp set for them. Kits come with stamps and ink pad. Paper Mache Crafts: A DIY art kit includes everything your kid needs to do a paper mache project. This one includes a paper mache unicorn for your kid’s to decorate.  String Art: Create creatures – like unicorns – out of string. With no nails or needles, this project is also safe for younger kiddos. Bonus: some packs come with glitter stickers. Supply Art Kit: Sometimes all a child needs are the supplies and the space, and this kit has it all! With over 1,000 supplies, it’s also sure to keep your little creator busy and engaged.  The only question now is: which art kit will you start with? 


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