Pancakes and Syrup Peeps?  Root Beer Float Peeps?  Cotton Candy Peeps?  You name it, it probably comes in the form of a Peep.

But in case all of the different flavors and colors of Peeps aren’t enough for your Easter basket, Peeps now has a Design a Bunny art kit which lets you color your very own bunny shaped masterpiece.

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Each of these awesome kits comes with a soft, white, squishy bunny-shaped Peep and 4 markers with which to color it.  You can create your own Peep patterns as the bunny’s body has dots and squiggles that can be colored individually.

And, in case you just aren’t feeling the Design a Bunny idea, Peeps also has Design a Chick kits new for 2020!  You can even make a chick and a bunny for a Peep themed set.

While the recommended age for the Design a Bunny art kit is 3 and up, it’s definitely not just for little kids.  I’m planning on adding a few to Easter baskets just for the fun of it and for just $6 per set, it’s a great deal for a creative outlet.

You can order your Peeps Design Kit Here.

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