Teenagers need chores, so today we’re sharing teenage chore ideas.  I love teaching our kids how to become responsible adults.   It’s one of the best things that we can do for them… be a great example, guide them with love & respect and help them to become the person they were meant to be.  My kids bring so much fun, joy, and amazement into my daily life… and a mess at times. 🙂  Since my kids were small we’ve had age-appropriate chores them to help out around the house. I know that as they grow into teenagers, those chores will change, but the expectation will remain that they are contributing members to helping keep our house clean despite their busy schedules. Teens are constantly on the go, rushing about from one task or place to another, with hardly a moment to grab a bite to eat or say hello to the family. In many homes, household chores no longer exist for the busy teen, but there is really no reason that this should be the case. There are many things that even the busiest teen can do to help out around the house.  For the teen who pops in and out a few times per day, it is probably going to work best for him or her to have a couple of daily household chores that can each be done quickly. These may be things like putting away the dishes in the dishwasher, folding a load of laundry, vacuuming the carpet, clearing the table, and others that are really quite easy to accomplish in minimal amounts of time. Even though these chores are fast, they make a big difference in the appearance of your home.  There are other teens that are on the go almost all day for several days per week. For these teens, it may be better to have household chores that can be done in a day or two per week but take longer to get done. Things like cleaning the car, yard work, washing windows, dusting, or cleaning the bathrooms are items that aren’t typically done every day but do need to be done on occasion. They can be done without taking up an entire day, but they do take a bit more time and effort than the fast chores for the “pop in and out” teen does.  For some teens, chores that are changed up according to their lifestyle during different periods of time are going to work best. There may be some times when they are home a lot more than other times. A good example of this is the teen who plays seasonal sports. During the sports season, the teen will have practices and games, in addition to the things that they are always responsible to get done. When the sports season is over, they will often have a much freer schedule. Work with your teen to find chores that will work for them for each time period in their life! Teens are definitely busier today than they have been in the past, but that shouldn’t mean that the benefits they can get from having household chores should be tossed out. Working with your teen to figure out what works out the best for them is going to make your household chores get done more successfully.

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