Chores… and kids…

Do your kids have a hard time remembering what their tasks for the day are?
I know my kids often forget what their chores are.

Our solution:

Chore bracelets.

As the kids finish a task they can rip off that bracelet. This is perfect for kids who are reading, but I bet you can adapt it with images for younger kids.

to-do bracelets for kids to remember their chores

Note: I saw this on Pinterest and could not track down the link to the original (the pin went to a spammy site). This is not an original idea, but boy, has it helped us. If you blogged about this let me know and let me link to you!

Some of the chores we have made bracelets for our 6 & 7 year olds:

  • Feeding our pets
  • Filling and Emptying the dishwasher
  • Sorting the laundry
  • Wiping the sinks after they brush their teeth.
  • Sweeping the floors.

What chores do your kids do?? We would love to hear your tricks to getting your kids to contribute to the family on our Facebook Page.

Check out this easy printable chore chart with a reward system!

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