I love Target and if you do too, I am going to give you one more reason to love them… Target is Releasing Halloween Costumes for Kids In Wheelchairs this year and it just brings my heart pure joy.

Target has a really cool selection of Halloween costumes made just for kids in wheel chairs. They are calling this collection the ‘Adaptive Costume Collection’. 

Now, in case you didn’t know, Target has had adaptive costumes since 2020 and each year, they seem to add more and more.

Adaptive Costume Collection

This year, not only do they have adaptive costumes for kids, they also have adaptive costumes for adults too!

According to the description, the costumes are made for easy wear. 

Thoughtfully created for kiddos in wheelchairs, the Adaptive Dragon Halloween Costume Wheelchair Cover with Headpiece from Hyde & EEK! Boutique™ will help add a delightful touch their Halloween costume. This wheelchair Halloween costume is especially designed to jazz up wheelchairs and is also a comfy option for those with sensory needs.

The wheelchair cover also easily attaches to the wheelchair.

Ease of Dressing products are designed to make it easier to get dressed, and can enable someone to dress independently.

They have several options for boys and girls so everyone can feel included!

According to the description the costume:

This girls’ pink princess costume is thoughtfully designed with an opening in the back that lends ease of dressing, great for giving kids who use wheelchairs an extra hand and a sense of comfort. 

I would love to see more retailers create Halloween costumes like these.

You can check out all the Target Adaptive Halloween Costumes on their website here.

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What kids Halloween costumes are on your list this year?

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  1. Meredeth, try Rolling Buddies Webb site for ideas or ording. I am gutsy and would roll into Chevy or Ford dealership and ask for help. Great advert for local news. Go in colors so they get it! Best of luck.

  2. People are so consumed with the wording as opposed to the fact it’s a wonderful idea. And throwing gender into the mix. As an 80s baby I have seen acceptance dramatically increase but by no means is it universal ideology for everyone.

  3. It is amazing to know that hopefully they will make them for adults in wheelchairs as well my daughter is 20 and loves to dress up either to pass out candy or go trick or treating she is MR so yes we still do everything we can while she still believes in Santa Easter Bunny and so on ….. But yes a very good idea please please Make the costumes for adults as well

  4. That’s great but why is the pirate’s costume labeled as a “boys” costume and the princess labeled as a “girls” costume? Can’t they just be a pirate and a princess????