Target is Releasing Halloween Costumes for Kids In Wheelchairs

I love Target and if you do too, I am going to give you one more reason to love them… Target is Releasing Halloween Costumes for Kids In Wheelchairs this year and it just brings my heart pure joy.

Target has a really cool selection of Halloween costumes made just for kids in wheel chairs. They are calling this collection the ‘Adaptive Costume Collection’. 

Adaptive Costume Collection

As of right now, they have two options, one for boys and one for girls.

The boy costume is a Boys’ Adaptive Pirate Costume Collection and comes in two different pieces. One is the costume and one is the details for the wheelchair bringing the entire costume to life.

According to the description, the costumes is made for easy wear. 

“This boys’ pirate costume is thoughtfully designed with openings in the back that lend ease of dressing, along with leg openings that are wide enough to put the pants on while keeping shoes on — perfect for giving kids who use wheelchairs an extra hand and a sense of comfort. “

The wheelchair cover also easily attaches to the wheelchair.

“This Halloween wheelchair costume is designed to look just like a pirate ship, complete with intricate detailing and a black Jolly Roger flag for authentic flair — it even includes decorative covers for the wheels that look like waves for a complete finish. A simple way to dress up most sizes of wheelchairs, it can easily be attached using the hook-and-loop closures for a secure fit, and he’ll love having a coordinating accessory that’ll go perfectly well with the Pirate Inclusive Halloween Costume from Hyde and Eek! Boutique™.”‘

The girls costume is a Girls’ Adaptive Princess Halloween Costume Collection.

Much like the boys costume, it comes in 2 separate pieces. One costume and one decoration for the wheelchair.

According to the description the costume:

This girls’ pink princess costume is thoughtfully designed with an opening in the back that lends ease of dressing, great for giving kids who use wheelchairs an extra hand and a sense of comfort. 

According to the description:

“This Halloween wheelchair costume is designed to look just like a princess carriage, with a purple-blue and gray color scheme adorned with intricately detailed scrollwork — it even includes decorative covers for the wheelchair for a complete finish. A simple way to dress up most sizes of wheelchairs, it can easily be attached using the hook-and-loop closures for a secure fit, and she’ll love having a coordinating crown to wear for a delightfully enchanting look.”

I surely hope this is the first of these costumes to come because this is such an amazing thing to offer kids and parents.

Way to go Target!

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What kids Halloween costumes are on your list this year?


  1. Jason carr says:

    I do think this is a wonderful idea. Rolling buddies has pioneered this idea about three years ago. They have over 200 costumes for kids in wheelchairs.

  2. Maybe eventually they’ll come up with costumes for “big kids” in wheelchairs too. 🙂 I need a pink convertible to go with my poodle skirt costume! 😀

  3. Elizabeth Zimmerman says:

    Thanks so much for this article! I would, however, highly recommend using Person First Language. So instead of saying “kids in wheelchairs”, you’d say “kids that use wheelchairs”.

  4. Allie Newton says:

    Finally! Boy, I wish someone did this 30 years sooner! As someone who has been in a wheelchair my entire life, my mom had to sew all my Halloween costumes herself because we could never find anything in stores that would work for me. Now as a mom myself, it brings me great joy to know that all children can now experience Halloween to the fullest despite their physical limitations.

  5. Yay. Good morning. My son is in a wheelchair. how can I have more information on getting the costume for him. This is so beautiful. awesome. Great. Much blessings to you for doing this. Last year my son was olaf. My son has cerebral palsy. What are the sizes you go up to. Thanks a million again.

  6. Target does not do gender branding, I would say that they are costumes for kids who use wheelchairs. Not boys or girls.

  7. I think it’s great I make my sons costume every year for around is wheelchair it’s a lot of work but my god it’s so worth every minute of it

  8. These are amazing, and they have adaptive features on these and other costumes, too (e.g., unicorn with pouch to allow abdominal access), and this is such a huge and important step forward! Most of the costumes are affordable ($20-25), but the wheelchair accessories are like $45! That’s a LOT, and it puts the cost of the whole costume a bit above “affordable” for most people. It’s too bad that so many things automatically get a price hike for being adaptive (I’m thinking of onesies, and larger size onesies in particular, at Target and elsewhere), or are of slightly lesser quality (sometimes in addition to being more expensive – I love my Cat and Jack adaptive outfits for my toddler, but they faded and pilled much faster than I would have expected). I wish we could make adaptive clothing both more affordable and of better quality – not plain and easily pillable.

  9. Its Special needs kids/adults .. Anyways .my son has cerebral palsy I might buy him something of the sort! Rather saying this is awesome y’all are much more worried about the words of kids in wheelchairs ?? …the only ones who needs to be worried about that is parents like me .. And target ..

  10. This is excellent, and I applaud Target for making inclusive costumes widely available. Would love to see them not only expand the line, but avoid the gender stereotyping. Why not pirate and fairy tale option for all genders? Wouldn’t be hard to just change the language and add a skirt/pants option to both. Seems an unnecessary limitation.

  11. Hilary Witt says:

    That’s so awesome

  12. That’s great but why is the pirate’s costume labeled as a “boys” costume and the princess labeled as a “girls” costume? Can’t they just be a pirate and a princess????

  13. I should read kids who use wheelchair not kids IN wheelchairs

  14. It is amazing to know that hopefully they will make them for adults in wheelchairs as well my daughter is 20 and loves to dress up either to pass out candy or go trick or treating she is MR so yes we still do everything we can while she still believes in Santa Easter Bunny and so on ….. But yes a very good idea please please Make the costumes for adults as well

  15. This is awesome , I would buy it for my daughter … Thank you Target..

  16. Larry Randan says:

    Now this is a great idea way to go Target

  17. How do I order the the GYpsy Rose costume and do they also make the costume for the mother?

  18. People are so consumed with the wording as opposed to the fact it’s a wonderful idea. And throwing gender into the mix. As an 80s baby I have seen acceptance dramatically increase but by no means is it universal ideology for everyone.

  19. Meredeth, try Rolling Buddies Webb site for ideas or ording. I am gutsy and would roll into Chevy or Ford dealership and ask for help. Great advert for local news. Go in colors so they get it! Best of luck.

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