Animal Tracker Subscription Box

If there is one thing that we are experts on in my home, it’s kids subscription boxes.

Animal Tracker Subscription Box - contents

One of the things we love at our house are subscription boxes!

I have gotten book subscription boxes delivered to me in the past and even a few fun beauty subscription boxes.

But the fun ones are the kids subscription boxes. We have tried TONS (I mean, A LOT) of kids subscription boxes and all of them are so much fun in their own way.

One of our favorites is Animal Trackers!

Animal Trackers is a monthly learning activity subscription box for kids that is all about animals. It is for ages 3 and up. It starts with an intro box and then each box after that is specific to a new animal.

Our 3 years old is working through preschool type learning right now so I love using subscription boxes like this one to teach her new things in a way that she doesn’t even realize that she is learning!

Check out our massive resource of subscription box comparisons for kids!

Have you guys tried any subscription boxes that you love? Tell me about them in the comments so that we can try them out!

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