1Everyone knows that your popcorn is off limits to others.

But what about royal popcorn?

Like the one eaten by a Prince?

Little girls stole popcorn from a prince video - Kids Activities blog
Hands off the Royal popcorn!

During the recent Invictus Games, a toddler sitting next to Prince Harry took advantage of his distraction and pilfered popcorn right under his nose!

screenshot of girl stealing popcorn from Prince Harry
Ummm…I don’t think that is legal.

It’s not clear at what point the prince became aware of the tiny thief, but he took his time ‘catching’ her, even as her gobbling went from timid nibbles to brazen handfuls.

screenshot of video of Prince Harry's popcorn being stolen by a little girl at a game

From the look on his face when he finally does ‘catch’ her, the Prince knew what was happening and thought it funny. After that, he spent most of the rest of the evening ‘playing’ with the little one, even as the games took place below.

screenshot of Prince Harry being very good natured about his popcorn being stolen

Let me tell you, if you weren’t swooning for Prince Harry before, you absolutely will be after you see this!

screenshot of little girl stealing Prince Harry's popcorn and he is laughing

There is no doubt in my mind he is the ‘fun’ uncle, and someday when he has a passel of kids of his own, they will no doubt carry that same gleam of mischief their dad touts.

Take a look!

Video of Little Girl Stealing Prince Harry’s Popcorn

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