Are you ready to meet the cutest friar you’ll ever meet?

Even if you think you are, there’s no way to prepare yourself for the adorableness that is Senior Mustache…yes, that’s his real name.

Meet the newest member of the family…

Two monks and a dog all dressed up standing for family picture - Kids Activities Blog
This is such a sweet story…

And if you are thinking…this is the first friar I have ever met…

…you are not alone!

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screenshot from monastery dog adoption - dog running and dressed as a monk
Oh the cuteness!

The St. Francis monastery saw a stray dog wandering nearby and decided to bring him home.

dog dressed as monk looks into a fish pond - screenshot from video about the event
Who could resist this cutie?

The cute dog, later dubbed Senior Mustache, has now become an honorary monk and even has his own robes.

monks - dog and human - screenshot from video about dog adoption into a monastery

His fellow friars couldn’t be happier about their new furry bro, and those who visit the monastery could not ask for a more suitable or happy companion.

Take a look!

Newest Friar in the Monastery Video is a Dog!

More Dog Fun at Kids Activities Blog

Was your heart warmed by the video of the dog who joined the monastary?

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