Man Hears Loud Noise, Runs to Backyard to See Where a Meteor Crash-Landed [Video]

Meteors seem like things you see in movies.

They are far, far away in outer space!  I mean, I know that we occasionally see meteor showers or the very rare meteor racing across the sky, but you never really expect to encounter one up close!

See Where a Meteor Crashed into a Man's Backyard Video - Kids Activities Blog - meteor streaking across night sky
You never expect to see a meteor up close!

Warning: this video contains bleeped expletives.

But, there’s no wonder!

While Jay Sullivent was home alone in Appling, Georgia, he heard a loud bang that he thought for certain was a car crash in front of his house.

Determined to help, Jay grabbed his camera and ran outside. 

Unable to find anything, he takes a walk around his lawn and stumbles upon a burnt circle of grass with smoke rising from it. 

Instead of a car crash, this stunned homeowner made an out of this world discovery after finding a ‘meteor’ in his backyard. 

Approaching closer, the middle is aflame with a pink rock in the middle and Jay exclaims ‘it’s a damn meteorite’ as he flicks the hot object out of the hole with a penknife.

Take a look!

Meteor Lands in Backyard Video

When Jay first arrived at the hole, there was still smoke and flames coming off the space rock.

Completely shaken by the experience, he does what he can to stop the burning, but can’t stop exclaiming his extreme shock that such an unlikely event happened in his own backyard!

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What would you do if you got really close to a meteor?  Tell us below!



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