Are you looking for new eco-friendly cleaning alternatives for your home? Whether you want to avoid the harsh chemicals in cleaning products or stay on a budget, there are many different essential oils to use in household cleaners. Keep reading to find our favorite natural cleaner recipes! This blog post contains affiliate links.
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If you’re trying to get rid of chemicals in your cleaning household products, this is for you.
At home, we are becoming more conscious of the products we use. We are trying to lead a healthier life, and that means using natural products when possible. That’s how we came up with these recipes for homemade cleaners – since they are made with natural ingredients, they are free of toxic chemicals, are pretty inexpensive, and you can find most ingredients in regular grocery stores. The best part is that they work just as well, or sometimes even better than commercial products, and you can tweak the recipes to add more or less of the basic ingredients to fit your needs. So, if you’ve got essential oils, you’ve already got the basic ingredients to make your own natural homemade cleaning products. Remember to never use undiluted essential oils to avoid damaging your surfaces. We also recommend using a glass spray bottle to store your homemade products and keep them away from direct sunlight as sun rays can accelerate the expiration of the oil. If they are stored properly, they can last a very long time. From all-purpose cleaner, to products to clean the toilet bowl, laundry soap recipes, natural deodorizer and more, we’ve got it all. All with a mix of some few drops of essential oil and other simple ingredients.


  • Lemon – We know that lemon juice is a great ingredient for cleaning, but you can also use lemon oil instead. Lemon essential oil offers powerful antiseptic properties and is a natural disinfectant that make it an excellent choice for a household cleaner. It gets rid of both viruses and bacteria. While you can use this essential oil for just about anything, you might use it to clean your kitchen countertops, kitchen sink (it works great to get rid of hard water stains), cutting boards, bathrooms, and floors. Use it in homemade window cleaner to get a streak-free shine. It also has a clean scent that will keep your home smelling fresh!
  • Orange – This is another citrus essential oil with great antiseptic benefits. Not only is it a great antiviral, antibacterial cleaner, but it also is known to be great for removing grease thanks to its citric acid. This makes it a great choice for cleaning your stovetop or countertops. Use orange essential oil to your wood surfaces such as wood floors and wood furniture to give it a nice shine. Just dilute it with warm water, spray on the surface, and buff with a soft cloth. It can also make your windows and mirrors shine.
  • Rosemary – Rosemary essential oil also works as an antiseptic. You might consider using it for a homemade dish cleaner. Thanks to its light floral scent, it can also make for a great laundry detergent or natural soap.
  • Lavender – Not only does lavender essential oil fight against bacteria, but it also has a scent that makes a great addition to your homemade cleaner. It works great with vinegar and can be used to clean everything from countertops and bathrooms to clothes when used as a laundry detergent. It’s my favorite essential oil because of its ease of use and smell.
  • Peppermint – Thanks to its antibacterial properties, peppermint essential oil can make a great addition to your DIY household cleaner. You can use it on countertops, in your bathrooms, and to clean floors. Spray a mixture of peppermint oil with a cup of vinegar to make a disinfectant solution. The peppermint scent will quickly overwpoer the vinegar smell, making it a great option to make your home smell great.
  • Eucalyptus – This essential oil offers antiseptic properties that make it a great option for eliminating germs. You might consider using it to clean surfaces, laundry, and mattresses during cold and flu season. Eucalyptus essential oil also has a fresh scent that can make a great addition to your DIY bathroom cleaner.
  • Thyme – With its powerful antibacterial properties, Thyme is known to get rid of Salmonella. This makes it a great option for cleaning your cutting boards, kitchen countertops and stovetop.
These are just some great essential oils to use in household cleaners! There are plenty of great ways to clean your home by using essential oils that you might already have on hand.

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