Safety Questions for Essential Oils

Are you new to using essential oils? If so, you probably have many questions! You’ve come to the right place. Here are some answers to commonly asked safety questions for essential oils.

Safety Questions for Essential Oils

Safety Questions for Essential Oils

Are essential oils safe to consume?

While many essential oils can be consumed, there are a few basic guidelines. You will want to make sure you are only using Food Grade essential oils, which are approved by the FDA for consumption. You will also never want to consume essentials directly from the bottle. They should always be diluted. Some essential oils are not safe to consume, so it’s important to do your research ahead of time.

Can you apply essential oils to your skin?

While some essential oils can be applied topically, others are may cause skin irritation, redness, pain, and other symptoms. No essential oil should be applied to damaged, broken or wounded skin. Always do your research before applying any essential oil to your skin!

Are essential oils safe for young children and babies?

Many essential oils are not safe for babies and young children. Some may be okay if they are more diluted than they would be for adults. To find out for sure, be sure to talk to your child’s pediatrician.

Is it safe to use essential oils in the sun?

While some essential oils can offer great sun protection, others are not recommended for use in the sun or in tanning beds. They may cause sunburn or skin discoloration. Some of the essential oils which should be avoided in the sun include cumin, bergamot, bitter orange, lemon, lime, rue, grapefruit, and Angelica Root. Again, do your research prior to using an essential oil in the sun!

Safety Questions for Essential Oils

Are essential oils flammable?

Yes, essential oils are highly flammable. It’s important to keep them away from gas burners, matches, candles, and any other open flames at all times!

Can you apply essential oils to sensitive areas?

You should never apply essential oils to your eyes, genitals, or ears!

Is it safe to use essential oils during pregnancy?

Not a whole lot of research is available on whether or not essential oils are safe during pregnancy. That said, it is known that pregnant women should avoid camphor, wormwood, oak moss, parsley seed, sage, hyssop, rue, and Lavandula stoechas. Be sure to talk to your healthcare provider if you are pregnant and thinking of using essential oils.

Are essential oils safe to consume if you take prescription medications for a medical condition?

If you take prescription medications, it’s important to talk to your doctor and/or pharmacist before using any essential oils. Some essential oils may react with your medications. For example, you should not cook with grapefruit essential oil if your medications cannot be absorbed with grapefruit juice.

These are just a few questions you may have been wondering about essential oils! If you are unsure, be sure to contact your doctor or do your research before using essential oils.  

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